Big Picture Thinking


Dennis Clark, President and CEO

Dennis Clark, President and CEO
This seminar is based on the book "CEO Thinking" by Dennis Clark.
"Big Picture Thinking" Seminar, a program that teaches you to see the same "Big Picture" that CEOs and Senior Managers see, was created by Dennis Clark and is based on his book "CEO Thinking". Dennis is originally from Buffalo, New York and has been a resident of Fort Lauderdale, Florida for 50 years.

Mr. Clark formerly served as president of Two South Florida Banks for 15 years and as CEO of Goodwill Industries of Broward County, Florida for 13 years. Additionally, he served as president or chairman of 10 non-profit or civic organizations, during his career. He is a member of American Mensa.

In the above positions, he has seen voluminous business problems and noted that most were based on the same elements related to lack of recognition of potential consequences or predictable unintended consequences of everyday actions in the workplace. Senior Executives and CEOs generally recognize potential unintended and predictable consequences due to their education or prior mistakes over a long period of time.

His extensive banking and Non-Profit experiences contributed to his belief that those who wish to advance in business to the highest level of their capabilities could benefit from a program that would give a basic understanding of how to see the same big picture that CEOs and Senior Managers see.

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