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"Big Picture Thinking Book, CD and Cards With Easel"
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Coral Ridge Country Club
Comments Evaluating Materials and Speaker
  • "Speaker really knows his materials thoroughly. Information was clear and broken down into easy to follow pieces. I learned a lot just from the presentation and trust I will absorb more with further study of materials."
  • "The seminar was very informative as it touched on a wide array of skills and traits necessary for a senior executive to possess. Other practices were new or repackaged ideas that now make more sense or have better practical application than they used to have. The use of real life situational stories lent credibility to each topic discussed."
  • "I believe the seminar training was great. I understood everything presented and will act on it. Real world examples were given."
  • "I learned more today than from a previous seminar of 3 days. Speaker’s knowledge of business was overwhelming."
  • "Very good presentation. Kept up interest and got people involved. Materials were great. I would sit through it again."
  • "Content and materials were interesting. I know that this is stuff I will use as I climb the corporate ladder and I am looking forward to using this training in the future by reading the book and using the tools provided. I appreciate the investment made by the Club."
  • "Content was clear and concise. The materials were well presented as was the speaker’s knowledge of the subject matter."
  • "Very good content and materials."
  • "Well done. Well organized."
  • "Colorful cards and easel are a great way for us to use them daily and display nicely for reference."

Gulfstream Goodwill Presentation
Comments Evaluating Materials and Speaker
  • "I think the content was very informative. Content is organized to make it easy to follow and understand when I look back on it for future decision making and management strategies. The book and cards are a great idea."
  • "Many of the strategies are very useful and worthwhile."
  • "The strategies are excellent. The speaker has a great deal of knowledge and experience. The actual work experience and knowledge the speaker shared made the content and subject matter more ‘real’. Good stories and experiences."
  • "The course was a good opportunity to think and evaluate my techniques and strategies separate from the ‘crisis’ management of everyday work. Thank you for your commitment to your topics."
  • "Thought provoking – I like the desktop reminder cards. I look forward to digesting the book so that I can learn and understand each concept better. Speaker was seasoned and well prepared."
  • "Speaker is very knowledgeable. Thank you for the new perspective."
  • "The contents of the seminar opened areas that I strive to be exposed to. It made sense the way it was put together. Speaker was knowledgeable."

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